Pipenv! Python dev workflow for humans

Talk I gave at the PyconES 2018 in Málaga.

Pipenv, created by Kenneth Reitz at the beginning of 2017, has become the official resource recommended by Python to manage package dependencies.

But there is still confusion about what problems it solves and how it is more useful than the standard workflow using pip and a requirements.txt file. In this talk we will try to explain the solution to these problems.

Slides - Video

Pytest: recommendations, basic packages for testing in Python and Django

Talk I gave at the PyconES 2017 in Cáceres.

This talk is not about good testing practices but about the presentation and advice of use on a "curated" selection of pytest plugins, within the large ecosystem, that we have been finding during the development of projects, especially projects with Django.

This talk is designed to introduce developers to a series of packages to use together with pytest for testing tasks, either for unit, functional or integration tests, and above all, applied to Django projects.

It will briefly explain the basic concepts of pytest, such as fixtures, parameterization, execution of concurrent tests, etc. Some of the packages that will be discussed are: pytest-django, pytest-watch, pytest-testmon, model-mommy, pytest-flake8 ...

It is aimed at a basic / intermediate level.

Slides - Video